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Until a few years ago it was unthinkable to have cadets on board yachts. The general thinking on education and maritime training of offi cers went in just one direction: merchant ships. Speaking is captain Carlo Summonti, one of the fi rst of Italiansuperyacht academy to take cadets on board

Just over a month after hosting a workshop on the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC), the ItalianYachtMasters association has taken its next step towards improving the education of its members, this time by hosting a one-day course on Port State Control (PSC).

The programme's been set, the speakers confirmed and the content has been generated. This year's edition of the Italian Superyacht Forum (ISF) and Superyacht Captains' Forum (SCF), in association with the Yachting After Sales and Refit Experience (YARE) will pack a punch during this one day event on 4 February in Viareggio.

The recently formed ItalianYachtMasters association of Italian superyacht captains is quickly expanding its presence and name in the superyacht industry, its latest surge forward involving building relationships with the industry's management and recruitment sectors.

Following the inaugural meeting of the ItalianYachtMasters association in October, the newly formed association is moving forward speedily and has announced plans for the launch of the NAVIGO Superyacht Academy.

The club of Italian captains, ItalianYacht Masters, continues to grow. There are already 15 of them and they will soon become about 30 after the next selection. Not all can become members, only those who demonstrate quality and experience. The start-up will be in Loano on October 10, with an international meeting in Yare

On 10th October, 2013, Italian captains of the superyacht industry gathered at Yacht Club Marina di Loano for the inaugural Italianyachtmasters event. Italianyachtmasters is an association established this past year, with a view to achieve, as their associated phrase, excellence in yachting, unite captains from the nation...


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